Where to start???


So, since deciding to blog about my “quest” to get organized, I’ve been asking myself, “Where do I start?” Well, the answer my brain gave me is, “Anywhere…”

After thinking about that answer, I decided my brain is right… Anywhere IS a good place to start! I’ve read many an article, and a small ton of books about getting organized, and the best plan is to start with any space that needs organizing. A drawer, a shelf, a cubby, any place that needs to be cleaned and purged, and needs a fresh, well put-together look.

Now, I am *terrible* about keeping a clean work surface, and putting things away after I use them in my studio. Which is why I can NEVER find anything when I’m looking for it! I have, for years, lived by the “disorganized organization” rule, which is simply having a pretty good idea of which pile my needed item was put in last. (Don’t mess with my piles, and I can usually lay hands on something fairly quick. But, I never take into account that sometimes I need something as I’m running out the door, and then, I can never find it “on the fly”…)

I’m going to post some rather embarrassing pictures of what my space looks like, at this very moment. I have a LOT of problem areas going on, but I do have a few areas that don’t look so bad…  Even so, I believe I can do better. My space is pretty small, just 10 x 15, so I *need* to be as organized as possible! So, here goes! (Click on any picture to get a larger view… if you dare!)

My chaotic desk and work space:

This is what I see when I sit down to work at my desk. As you can see, it isn't pretty by any means! Just one of my many problem areas...

I do try to keep most things within reach. My shelf unit doesn't look *too* bad, but again, I think I can do better.

One more not-so-pretty view:

Notice my K-Cup brewer I got for Christmas? I can't live without my Green Mountain Coffee, so don't even ask! (You should try the Mocha Java! Totally YUM!)

Here’s a space that definitely needs help:

At first glance, this space seems fairly organized, right? Well, sort of...

Well, check out THIS view!

This is directly below the shelf unit... my "piles" of "what do I do with it?" stuff!

Now, I do have a couple of areas that look pretty good, considering all the clutter that lies around them. So, to prove to you that I’m not entirely hopeless, I’m going to show you the prettier side of my studio (meaning I don’t use this stuff too often, and it stays neater than the rest!)…

Most of these things are extraneous, and seldom get used. You'd think I could figure out a way to incorporate these into my overall scheme of getting organized, and I will!

And, one more “cleaner side” shot:

I'm still in the process of trying to get my smaller pieces and parts into the jars I've collected and repurposed.

Had enough yet? I have!!! But, unfortunately, I’m not done yet! ARRRGGGHHH!!!!

Under my desk, is *this* mess:

Can you see anywhere to put my feet without kicking anything? Nope... (My boyfriend, the genius, figured out a way to hang my speakers from the desk without screwing them into my wall or desk! YAY! We're still working on the main speaker box, though...)

This space looks pretty good at first glance, but the truth of the matter is, behind all the “front junk”, is 40+ years worth of stuff that belongs to my mother and her mother; my grandmother who passed away in 1991. (I’m still trying to convince Mom that we have no need to *keep it all*!) My clothes closet is just to the left of this, and THAT is another post entirely, so we’re not going there today…

Looks good, at a glance, except that I’ve only got about the first 6″ of shelf space here (on a 24″ deep built-in). I managed to rearrange well enough to claim the entire underneath for my rolling file, and a few other “need to keeps”.

Okay, last but not least, here is a sign one of my friends gave me several years ago that puts it all into perspective for you…

"Please don't clean up my mess, you'll confuse me and screw up my world"... Yep, that sums it up nicely... Thanks, Beth! You know me a little too well!!! 🙂

Now that I’ve embarrassed myself sufficiently with these “before” photos… I’m off to make a difference, one small step at a time! ‘Til next time, and some much-needed “after” shots… (Heck, I may need some “shots”  of the alcoholic variety, after this!)

Peace, Love, and Creativity,


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    • HA!! Don’t I, though? I’m ready for the challenge… I took your advice, and am starting with one small step at a time. I started with the drawers closest to my workspace, as those tend to be the “receptacles” for everything I don’t know what to do with at the moment. I have just finished my wire drawer, and made dividers out of my scrapbooking cardstock for each individual gauge. I also color-coded them so that each type of wire has it’s own color. Since it is easy for me to tell the square wire from round, I didn’t bother to make separate dividers for those. As long as I have the different gauges in the right spots, I can easily find the size I need for any particular project. I’ll blog about it in the next day or two!

      Thanks for keeping up with me! It is motivational to have a few cheerleaders along the way…

      Peace, Love, Creativity,


  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you **so** much for not being too shy to post the ‘before’ photos! I am struggling with the chaos and clutter, too, and reading what you’re doing is quite the inspiration! I currently have a good portion of my beads/wire/supplies in plastic zipper bags, thumb tacked to the dining room wall (the dining room is my workspace)… plus a few drawers and several storage totes crammed full of crafty stuff. I really want to have it organized, but honestly have no idea of where to start with it! LOL… Anyway, I just wanted to say THANK YOU & good luck!

    ~Melanie, aka Zoe

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