Parting is such sweet sorrow… Clearing it all out!


It is so hard for me to part with my things! I finally convinced myself that it was time to get rid of all the *excess stuff* in my space, and start purging the clutter from my life, but it seems like I am so attached to most of it that I can’t bring myself to let go!

I started going through drawers yesterday, only to find that I had forgotten about a lot of things I had bought to create with in the first place! If that’s not a sign that it’s time to pare down, I don’t know what is, quite frankly…

I chose to start working on the drawers closest to my desk, since I need that space to keep my most-used items close at hand.  I managed to clean out and re-organize 5 (yep, count ’em, 5!) whole drawers!!! They look great, and I am proud of myself for dedicating the time to get it done. But then, after I finished, I realized something… Only one of the drawers actually contain my “most-used” items! Grrrr!!! Well, I guess I could count the second drawer, because it does have empty jewelry and divider boxes in it that I do need and use on occasion. But they are all empty boxes right now, and could, therefore, be put elsewhere. The other drawers contain items that I rarely use, such as adhesives, and embossing and pigment powders. I don’t do nearly as much scrapbooking and rubber stamping as I used to, so I really don’t need to keep those items right next to me. But, I did manage to get rid of a few extraneous things that were just taking up space and didn’t really serve a purpose anymore, so I suppose there’s some measure of success in that, right? (Hey, I’m ready to grasp at straws here, bear with me!) 🙂

Being a “creative person”, you’d think that I could come up with creative ways to store and organize my things. Unfortunately, my brain doesn’t seem to work that way at the moment, and I’m working on that problem, a little at a time.

I promised you some “after” pictures, so I’m going to share what I did get accomplished, and then work on rearranging a bit more, to reclaim the space I need for creating jewelry. I’ll share what I come up with on that tomorrow…

Here’s what I’ve gotten done so far:

Drawer 1 Before:

This drawer contained a huge pile of empty plastic bags, my Dymo Labeler, and odd bits of wire and chain. Not very organized at all!

Drawer 1 After:


I made dividers from my scrapbooking cardstock to organize my small, but usable, pieces of wire into their proper gauges, so they'll be easy to find at a glance.

Sorry, I missed the Before shot on this one, but this is Drawer 2 After:

This is now empty jewelry boxes, and divider boxes that I use occasionally. Before, it was just crammed *full* of junk!

Drawer 3, Before:

This became the "just put it somewhere out of sight" drawer. A huge mess of embossing and pigment powders, my business cards, and boxes of screws, nails, and other hardware.

Drawer 3, After:

Now, this is just home to the embossing and pigment powders, glitter, and my business cards. I'll end up moving these things elsewhere, because I simply have no need to have them "right at hand".

Drawers 4 and 5, Before:

These two drawers held all manner of adhesives, glue sticks, light bulbs, and other stuff that I just don't use all that much anymore. All of this will end up being relocated.

Drawers 4 and 5, After:

Looks much neater, and I got rid of stuff that belonged elsewhere (i.e. the lightbulbs!) But again, the things in these two drawers will be moved elsewhere to free up the space for things I use most often.

Okay, so I’m off to see what else I can get done this weekend, while I have some free time! Wish me luck, and I’ll have more “after photos” for you next time!

Peace, Love, Creativity,


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    • Yes, that is a good idea! I also want to label everything on the outside, so I can find things without going through a bunch of drawers to find it! I noticed that was one of my drawbacks with the system I had going before… It can be frustrating to go looking for something, thinking you know where it is, and then NOT be able to lay hands on it quickly. (I had this problem recently with my acrylic paints… and I STILL have not found those! Don’t know where in the world they are…)

      Any suggestions for bead storage? I have a HUGE inventory of beads, and am looking for storage ideas that will be easy-viewing. I have a bunch of little boxes, big boxes, and muffin tins that I use now. I have recently begun to acquire as many printer’s drawers as I can find, and so far, I’m thinking I like that idea best. But how to store them all?? Any ideas there?

      Thanks so much for following along with me! I’m enjoying this so much more than I thought I would. Blogging about my progress has really helped motivate me to get it done!

      Peace, Love, Creativity,


      • Hey there! Thanks for the input on this, I greatly appreciate it!

        I have a cabinet very similar to this that I had been keeping little pieces and parts in, such as jump rings, spring ring clasps, and extra earwires and headpins… I have found that I am not using it for those things anymore, though, and was thinking about repurposing it for another use. I think I may try your advice and see how it works out for me.

        I’ll take some pics of the system I’ve been using and put them in my next blog post, so you can see my current dilemma. I have *tons* of bead strands that I keep in bags… I’ve punched a hole in the corner of each bag, and have them on binder rings so that I can flip thru them to see what I have on hand, and what I want to use. I have one for flower beads, one for rondelles, one for briolettes, etc. Unfortunately, my briolette beads, have become so numerous, that they have become too bulky to keep anywhere. (I actually have two rings of briolette beads that I’ve married together to contain all of them.)

        I shall address this next time, and ask for more suggestions and comments on how others are handling these items.

        Thanks again! I so appreciate the input and ideas you’ve thrown my way…

        Peace, Love, Creativity,


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